Inspired Intuition:

A Weekend to Get Back in Touch with Yourself

“Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself.” -Rumi

September 27 - 29, 2019, Bayse, Virginia

What does it feel like to be intuitive? To be certain and trusting of your own needs, desires, and outcomes? To know what your body, heart and mind are telling you?

In today’s world, it’s hard get there. The bombardment of news, work, social media, and other obligations has caused many of us to lose a deep connection to our inner knowing, our creativity, and intuition.

The good news is that these things are not gone -- they merely need a little bit of loving attention and guidance to be accessed once again.

Catherine Andrews, a holistic personal development coach (, and author of the Sunday Soother newsletter, and Kelly Barrett, a yoga teacher and author of the Om Weekly newsletter (, are coming together to present this unique and special weekend retreat. This three-day/two-night event (held during a new moon, a time for new beginnings!) will help participants reconnect with their own desires and self-knowledge through community sharing, guided meditation, yoga, and journaling.

To book, email:

4-6pm: Arrival
7pm: Dinner
8:30 pm: Circle for introductions and intention setting
10pm: Yoga nidra to wind down before bed (optional!)

6:30am: Sun salutations (or feel free to sleep in/do your thing, drink tea on the back deck, etc.)
7am-9am: Guided meditation, and journaling session
9am: Breakfast
10am-1pm: Optional group hike at nearby Orkney Springs
1pm: Lunch
1:30-4pm: Free time, or book a one-hour session of the following of private yoga with Kelly or extra coaching with Catherine ($100 surcharge for either; 2 spots available for each). Activities: chill with a book, write, hang with each other, head to Basye Resort for other activities, go for a walk.
4pm: Meditation, journaling prompt
5pm: Flow yoga with focus on the hips, low back and legs for hike recovery
6pm: Dinner
7pm: Circle, integration, and reflections
8:30-10pm: Free time, relax, hang, hot tub
10pm: Yoga nidra to wind down before bed (optional!)

7am: Quiet meditation, and journaling session
8am: One hour of yoga flow
9am: Breakfast
10am: Circle with guided meditation to take you forward into your new being

What’s included:
-All meals includes dinner Friday, all meals and snacks on Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday (all food is vegetarian and cooked by a professional chef)
Accommodations (see full options and prices)
Linens and towels

What you need to bring:
-Yoga mat
-Journal and pen
-Bathing suit/flip-flops and appropriate clothes/hiking shoes for yoga and outdoor activities
-Warm clothes/layers
-If you have a favorite meditation cushion/blanket please bring (think 100% cozy at all times)

Front bedroom/Queen - $450 (private rm) or $375 (shared bed)
Rear bedroom/Queen - $450 (private rm) or $375 (shared bed)
Lower level/Queen - $450 (private rm) or $375 (shared bed)

To book, email: