What can you expect working with Catherine as a coach?

My unique coaching approach and strategy for clients

Many clients, when looking for a coach, are naturally interested in the particulars of how the relationship works. I am a holistic, integral coach, which means that I work with you as a whole person, taking into account your past story, your physical and mental state, your self-care practices, and more. Oftentimes, you may come to me with a presenting issue that hints at a deeper issue under the surface that we can work on together.

To help you better understand how my approach and work as a coach may differ from others, let’s take a look at two hypothetical clients, Allison and Melissa.

Allison is looking to advocate for herself at her job, and wants to ask for a raise and promotion, but is deeply struggling to do so. One coach’s approach may be to give her articles, PowerPoint slides, and scripts so she can become better at negotiation skills in the workplace.

This strategy is valid and can be helpful, but my approach would be more all-encompassing. I would look at Allison’s relationship to advocating for herself in the world overall, and her history in relationship to asking for what she needs. Together, we would uncover blockers that may be pre-empting her self-esteem, and through a variety of assessment tests, I would gain a sense of what areas she might need assistance in.

After one or two sessions together learning her story, I would design a specific multi-pronged, customized program for Allison that may include practices like daily journaling and reflections on when she struggled to speak up for herself; meditation to help her feel more secure in her positions; and body practices that help her feel strong. We would also, of course, focus on actual negotiation practices, tools, and scripts.

As a result of these larger reflections and practices, her ability to negotiate for herself in any situation would be radically increased as she has a better understanding of what may have been blocking her in speaking up for herself in the world. Therefore, though we may not have focused specifically on explicit details of salary negotiation, our work together would have a benefit and substantial impact on that as well.

Now, let’s take a look at Melissa. Melissa is looking for a coach to help her because her boss is considering her for an executive position, but has some reservations about her leadership capabilities, in particular that she’s not “strategic enough” and that her direct reports often are fearful of her.

Another career coach may perform a 360 review of Melissa and perhaps work on her public speaking skills — useful items, to be sure. I would also be interested in rolling out a 360 review to understand feedback on Melissa’s workplace performance, but I would also do a deep one-to-two hour intake session with Melissa to hear and understand her story about how she sees herself in the world. During this intake session I discover a sense that Melissa holds that others in the world are fundamentally untrustworthy, so she takes on too much work, never delegates, and is harsh with her reports to the point of pushing them away.

My program for Melissa, then, would be design to help her to feel the world as safe, to develop her ability to trust and rely on others, and to improve her self-care and boundary settings. This ideally would then translate into a more strategic, grounded, and inspiring presence in the workplace that could propel her into that executive position.

What you can expect from signing up for a 6- to 12-month coaching relationship with me:

  • A variety of assessment tests to help both you and me understand your current mode of operating in and viewing the world, others around you, and yourself

  • One to two intake sessions where we delve deeply into the presenting issue that you would like to address, and where I get a sense of your history, current self-care practices and concerns

  • A customized coaching program, unique to you and your needs, with specific practices that will include reflections, reading, body practices, and other deep and useful resources, to get you to the outcomes you desire

  • A one-hour meeting every two weeks as you progress through your program with feedback, discussions, and adjustments, and on-the-spot coaching via email as needed

  • Afterwards, you will have increased resiliency, self-confidence and worth, a better sense of your identity and how you interact with others, terrific self-knowledge and awareness, and a strong set of practices and resources designed by me to take you into your future

Intrigued? Schedule a free 30-minute call with me to get a sense of how I operate as a coach. You can also listen to my podcast — it will give you a great sense of how I deal with client issues.

I hope to hear from you soon!