What can coaching offer me?


I’m of the opinion that everybody can make use of a coach — a thoughtful outside adviser who can offer you approaches, ideas, plans and more to get the most out of your life and career. Here are some more detailed thoughts on what coaching can offer you, and answers to common questions. You can also learn about my particular coaching style here.

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Why do i need a coach?

I believe that everybody can use a thoughtful, trusted adviser in their life, one who can help them see any potential blind spots and get them “unstuck” from any areas of concern. Most of my clients have it “together” (whatever that means!) but could use some help with advancing or navigating their career, their workplace relationships, their personal relationships, their self-esteem, or the most crucial relationship of all — the one we have with ourselves. Nobody needs to be alone when facing times of trouble or transition. I’m there to help guide you through.

What is your coaching style?

My style focuses on what I like to call adult development. There’s a funny sentiment in society — that we’re basically fully baked as humans once we graduate college or higher education. The fact is, there is still lots to learn and be guided through as we age and grow. There are milestones like promotions or marriage or buying a home, and there are shifts in our career and in developing and maintaining friendships. My coaching strategy helps you as you develop throughout your life, in the many stages of adult development that we all continue to experience. I work with a mix of analysis and action, listening closely to your stories, helping you reframe your narratives, and giving you actionable plans and accountability that will help you power through to your goals and better understand yourself and your motivations.

My approach is also integral, which means I take you as a whole person into account as we work together — your mind, body, spirit, and the way you are moving through the world. You may come to me with a problem you are facing in your career, but we’re likely to also discuss and look at your self care, your personal relationships, your environment, and more, and I may offer journaling practices, meditations, and body work in your customized program. I talk more about this here.

How can coaching benefit me?

Some examples might be useful. I’ve helped clients with all of the following and more:

  • Developing a better relationship with their peers and boss

  • Deepening their spirituality

  • Navigating career transitions

  • Increasing emotional resiliency and overall happiness and satisfaction

  • Improving confidence, self-esteem, and personal worth

  • Struggles in friendships, romantic relationships, and family relations

  • Creation of accountability plans for a series of goals, personal or professional

  • General feelings of “blah” in their lives

How is coaching different than therapy?

There’s lots to be said here, but at an extremely high level, therapy will help address and explore past traumas and patterns stemming from your childhood, while coaching is more actionable and forward-looking to goals and creating a life you will find more fulfillment from. I’m a big believer in therapy, and if you feel you would be better served by a therapist, I can help make some referrals for you. I also genuinely think that working with a therapist and coach in tandem can be extremely powerful.

Can i work with you virtually?

You sure can. I take clients via Zoom video. If you are in the D.C. area, we can meet in my office (I’m in Northeast D.C, not far from the NoMa Gallaudet stop on the Red Line).

Tell me more about group coaching.

Some of the most powerful experiences I’ve had in life have come through group coaching, which is just what it sounds like — the creation of a group of people who share their vulnerabilities and goals with one another, and work on better connections. In honor of this experience, I also offer group coaching sessions to my clients who are interested in further developing connections with others. These group coaching sessions allow you to hear from others with similar issues, helping you see that you’re not alone in having challenges. And others’ perspectives can provide powerful new viewpoints you haven’t considered before. It can be a powerful complement to individual coaching, or you can participate solely in a group as well.

I have a question i don’t see answered here.

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